Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kharoli/ Mustard Chutney

Kharoli/ Mustard Chutney (Assamese)


* 100 gms mustard seed
* 1 banana leaf
* Indigenous Soda ash (to knead the ground seeds)
* Salt to taste


1. Clean, wash and dry the seeds
2. Clean the banana leaf and pass it over fire to make it pliable.
3. Dry grind the seeds and sieve.
4. Put the mustard seed powder on the banana leaf.
5. Sprinkle salt. Add soda little at a time and knead.
6. Knead well for 15 minutes or until oil appears on the leaf.
7. Make a ball, flatten it and wrap it with the leaf to form a parcel. Tie the parcel with a string.
8. Keep the parcel inside a container and keep it in a warm place.
9. On the 3rd day the Kharoli is ready to eat as chutney.

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